Fandango’s Provocative Question: In Response to

The question posed is the following”

“Do you believe that Donald Trump is an effective American president who should remain in office despite having accepted aid from a foreign adversary (Russia) and having committed obstruction of justice into the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections? Do you believe that Trump should or should not be impeached for his actions? Why?”

Donald Trump has a long history of shady business dealings, shafting contractors and banks that gave him loans, lying, cheating, self-absorption, using others, controlling others, impulsive actions, and walking over others to get what he wants. He is not particularly smart, although he claims to be Einstein, but through his mentors-Roy Cohn, for instance-he learned to screw others to get what he wanted. He has made it through multiple law suits and corporate bankruptcies still convincing Americans he is a successful businessman and becoming President bringing all of his corruption into the White House.

There is no question in my mind Donald Trump did all of the things the Mueller report outlines, however, what I am finding through political groups and postings is, his supporters do not believe the report, do not think he did anything wrong even if they read the report, or don’t listen to anything but conservative news sites who have absolved Trump of any wrongdoing. With a Republican controlled Congress, it would be difficult to get a 2/3 majority vote to impeach the President-who for some reason they stand by no matter how crazy the man shows himself to be.

This being said, I believe that yes, an impeachment inquiry should be started and said to be such. I think Nancy Pelosi’s stance on impeachment hinges upon how an impeachment process that will never pass the Senate would this affect the 2020 elections. Others say we must do the right thing regardless of the political fallout. It is a difficult choice for many.


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