This post is long so if you chose not to read it, I understand.

Tim O’Brien wrote Trumpnation: The Art of Being the Donald and published it in 2005. Donald Trump cooperated with this project completely and Tim O’Brien traveled with him, met his friends, and had pretty much unlimited access to his life. He gathered information form admirers, friends, and rivals. In 2006, Donald Trump attempted to sue Tim O’Brien for libel. Donald Trump lost this suit. Donald Trump’s main complaint was Tim O’Brien had pointed out the continually changing language Trump used about how wealthy he was.

In a deposition, Tim O’Brien’s attorneys:

…produced a Deutsche Bank document that set his 2005 fortune at $788 million. That number landed on Donald’s desk after he had already assured bankers and casino operators that he was worth $3.6 billion (and when he was assuring me that he was worth $5 billion to $6 billion). Trump’s won accountant noted during the depositions that he had a loose grasp on all of Donald’s debts, and Donald-well. Donald seen to have a loose grasp on everything else.

To paraphrase the following portion of the deposition between Donald Trump and Tim O’Brien’s attorneys, Donald Trump was questioned in detail if he was truthful about his wealth and “net worth of his properties”. Donald Trump, upon asking to clarify his answers several times stated, “My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings, but I try.

Tim O’brien’s attorneys seeking further clarification of this answer received this answer from Donald Trump in response to a question to him. The question from Mr. O’Brien’s attorneys to Donald Trump was, “You said that the net worth goes up and down based upon your own feelings?”

Donald Trump’s response was:

Yes, even my own feelings, as to where the world is, where the world is going, and that can change rapidly from day to day. And then you have September 11th, and you don’t feel so good about yourself and you don’t feel so good about the world and you don’t feel so good about New York City. Then you have a year later, and the city is as hot as a pistol. Even months after that it was a different feeling. So yeah, even my own feelings after my value to myself.

O’Brien’s attorneys continue, “When you publicly state what you’re worth, what do you base that number on?”

Donald Trump’s response was, “I would say it’s my general attitude at the time that the question may be asked” Donald responded. “And as I say, it varies.” (O’Brien, 2005)

That, my friends, is the stable genius businessman who is now our President.


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