Expatriation – The Inconsolable Reality

This is such a powerful post by Huguette Antoun I had to reblog it.

Huguette Antoun

When your loved ones
leave for good for the very first time in your life, you don’t know what to feel
or what to do! You feel helpless, weak, vulnerable…

First you cry and sob, you miss them and you feel emptiness then you’re in denial, oh they will come back, they didn’t leave… Then you start to convince yourself that they are our only chance! Of course the time when you were still waiting for someone to save you and so…They’re away and they have good work so we’ll become rich hahah it’s a joke don’t believe this shit ever! But we all have it at some time.

After a while, after
you’re tried from the distance, the emptiness, the void, you just become rigid and
you suppress everything inside and you pretend that it’s normal, you even
forget how it feels to miss someone…how it feels to meet…

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