I’m Okay (For Now)

I can so relate to this post. Here is the link to Marysa Writes: https://marysawrites.wordpress.com/2019/05/11/im-okay-for-now/#like-1887

Marysa Writes

The tides pull at my ankles like a persistent child, demanding I look at its creations. The vast saltwater, a menacing navy blue resting at the horizon where the sun begins to take a dip. The sliver of colors consumed by the separation between sky and ocean. It is clear and calm, waves nothing more than a small hop at the surface, where it brings itself to lick my calves. A light breeze lifts my hair from my shoulders and I breathe in the scent of an unusual calmness.

My mind has ripped free of the hurricane’s spiral, and I stand in the eye before the next storm. A relief from the winds that threatened to yank the sanity at its roots in the garden I’d begun to build around the ruins. I stand and I breathe in the serenity I could not dream up just two moons ago. And…

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