It’s Back…

I would say I am shocked, but really, I am not. Somehow I knew about two months ago the cancer might be back. Of course, at this point, more tests to come, but it is not likely it is anything other than cancer. My left upper lobe of my lung was removed for cancer in October 2018. The CT scan in January 2019 was negative for recurrence. I had a CT scan yesterday and now have a lung nodule in the remaining lobe of my left lung. Of course, my favorite doctor, the doctor who treats my congenital immune deficiency, (CVID for short), is testing me for every lung bacteria and fungus known to God, but he knows what this is also. I know him too well for him to hide behind the white coat.

The nodule is in an area that cannot be reached by normal methods to biopsy so it should be interesting if they need to sample it. I am awaiting a call to schedule a PET scan to see if anything lights up other than this nodule. I am concerned because I have developed back pain in the last few weeks I do not seem to improve. I wonder if the cancer has made its way into my back also…

My husband was in healthcare also before he retired. He was a respiratory therapist and I am a registered nurse. Sitting at the table discussing this test results, I told him I don’t know what to feel at this point. He doesn’t either. We are at the stage it is as if this is happening to another couple and not us. I am in shock. Three months ago I was cancer free and six months out from a complication-filled surgical recovery, it seems it is back full force.


  1. ♡ My Marvellous Mom is Devoutly Religious EveryOne, a Retired Nurse and She was Diagnosed with “cancer”; so She Refused ‘Treatment’ knowing that The ‘Treatments’ ARE more likely to KILL!!! Her than The “cancer”…I AM So Proud of My Mom; especially Given that Some “cancer” ‘specialists’ say “You’re gonna die anyway so take the treatments so I can get the money.” 🤔 ?



  2. I read this a couple of days ago (shortly after you posted it, I think) and I was a little in shock and deeply saddened for you.

    I am so sorry for what you’re going through. I can’t imagine the heartbreak of having your cancer return. This is so horrible.

    I’m not a religious person, but I’m sending all of the love and positive vibes to the universe that I can for you, in hopes that it’s treatable and that your doctors can come up with a treatment plan and plan of attack for you to face it. I’m sure you weren’t wanting another fight like this right about now, but I know you’re strong and you’re capable.

    Sending love and hugs ❤


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