It does not matter if you are right.

It matters that you show you are human.

It does not matter that you are wrong,

If you have shown your compassion.

It matters not your race, orientation, or religion.

And I will distance myself

If those characteristics

Matter to you.

Never believe words, parlayed around

Like racket balls,

Are unable to injure another.

Participation in such a conversation

Seems gay and harmless

Until words strike too close

To an open wound

And the game continues

As if nothing of consequence occurred

As you sit stunned

Bandaging your emotional wounds.

A breach of trust has occurred.

Trust in your fellow man,

Trust in the cardinal rule of friendship-

Do no harm.

Trust, gone in the time it took

For someone to wander into a territory

Uninformed of the subject matter

Yet forging ahead, clueless, driving a tank full of

Misused words.

The intention to expand each other’s horizons

With the gift of debate and free speech

Are squashed

Like a McDonald’s hamburger lying flattened in the parking lot

Of a convenience store

On a bright, hot July day.

Trust is earned

And easily breached.

Betrayal, much easier to commit,

Than trust is to gain

And maintain.

Loss of trust in a belief, or a person, or both

Leaves a blackness in the atmosphere

Like the scene of Passover

In a Charlton Heston movie.

It permeates one’s soul.

My mind holds a mental funeral

For lost trust

Late at night as the sorrow lies with me

And dreams of betrayal threaten to overtake me.

To forgive or forget

This is the question the sleeping mind will answer,

Sleep, my friend, sleep.

4/13/19 Toni Leedy

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