Screw You

Screw You In Particular

Screw You

For thinking you can define my reality

From your lofty, archaic view of the world

The world as you think it is.

I had to live in the trenches

Fearing for my sanity

Fearing for my safety

Suffering pain and humiliation-

At times, fearing for my life.

Young and afraid

With no one to turn to-

No one to save me from the insanity

Of my circumstance.

Someone who was in control

Lost her sanity

Allowing the pain

And, at times, revealing in it.

Crazy, but also like a fox

In her ability to hide her true self,

Her true desires,

Her true thoughts;

Her deeds.

Yet, I survived-

If one could call my state of being afterwards survival.

I saved, by covering for and lying for,

The one who participated

In the demise of my self-esteem

And allowed the violation

Of my innocence

To save and protect the person

I loved most in this world.

You, who have never had to experience

My experiences,

Passing judgment based upon

Your peaceful upbringing

Treasured child of sane mother.

Screw you.

4/13/19 Toni Leedy


  1. Hi Toni. Wow, you have some fantastic writing on here. Considering you’ve only been blogging a short while. I think you’ve done really well. You can follow me back, but only if you want to. Good luck and I hope you continue to be inspired. All the best,
    Clive 😊👍

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  2. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    … and screw you in particular my good sir 🙂 an awesome choice of the cover picture for a brutally honest poem.


  3. I can understand the bitterness. I too went through a rough past, abusive childhood from both parents but I’m glad to meet people with good comfortable past. It’s never their fault that they have a good mother, but if they behave like jerks and don’t understand what I’m feeling, someone who had been push in the corner, then yeah, I agree. Screw you! indeed.


      1. And I’m sorry if you get a multiple notification about the “follow” because my mouse had a temporary problem. It clicked unfollow so I re-click and yeah it happens twice I think 😓

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  4. Tackling the area of abuse that is not physical is brave, few seem to understand and yet this is the most common form of abuse for women. You have done this well. As poets we also have a responsibility to move on beyond that and think about and write about the support that is needed.

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