Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen….

Blank faces look back

With dead, tired eyes

Too tired to listen. Too tired to care. Too tired to care that they don’t care.

Within the system

Lies the fatal flaw of volume equals money.

But a few souls still straggle to the end of day

With curiosity, or caring, or both,

About the persons

who cost them the most time,

Committing more time

To investigate, coordinate, and network

Until my medical mystery is solved.

Six long months. Six very, very long months.

The answer discovered by one tenacious doctor.

One person-one professional who really cared.

She did not give up,

She did not take a non-answer for an answer,

She insisted that common sense, medically speaking, prevailed.

Vindicated, finally.

Six months. Six very, very long months

But in the end

I have her to thank for resolution.

Thank You.

4/6/19 Toni Leedy

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